Happily enter the Not For kids Only world.  The first in a series of family video treasures, Underwater Suite (30 minutes in length) is a poetic musical video for kids, as well as adults. Not For kids Only promises you uncompromisingly fresh imagery and original music. Delightful and soothing, it explores the undersea world in its natural state.
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"not your typical kids video"
"not for adults only"

"What an adventure in Wonderland! This video succeeds in not only entertaining, educating, but also quieting. A triple threat for both children and their parents, it is both an introduction to the fascinating undersea world and a lyrical journey filled with amazing imagery and clever original music."

Books of Wonder, New York

"If either a child or adult hasn't experienced the thrill of diving yet, Underwater Suite is the next best thing to seeing the marine life for real."

PADI Americas
Bob Coleman, Executive VP

"The magical nature of the undersea world is perfectly captured in this video. As a marine biologist, educator, avid scuba diver, and father of an active, curious three-year old, both my son and I were drawn to view "Underwater Suite" over and over and over."

James Prappas, Director of Biology,     
Downtown Aquarium, Houston      




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