About Us

Not For kids OnlyTM family video series is dedicated to the
production of real world, nurturing programming for children and adults alike.

Our belief is that the beauty of the earth is irresistible when
presented in the "wild", no gimmicks, no video tricks.  We celebrate the variety of life and in so doing we hope to excite our viewers, whether they be little or large, and stimulate them to explore their individual worlds.

Combining original music with entrancing imagery, we hope to amuse, educate, and provide adventure.

Steve Baum Productions is an award winning video production company

Steve Baum Productions, creator of the Not For Only video series, has extensive experience in the production of award winning creative programming, from Reading Rainbow, to New York Broadway Shows, to National Geographic documentaries.

For more information about Steve Baum Productions and Steve Baum, click here.



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