"If either a child or adult hasn't experienced the thrill of diving yet, Underwater Suite is the next best thing to seeing the marine life for real."

PADI Americas
Bob Coleman, Executive VP

"Underwater Suite transports viewers to the visual  magic, natural rhythms and diversity of the underwater world. The lush  photography and original musical score make this video entertaining, enriching as well as educational. I particularly enjoyed the final section, in which the fish that have been portrayed throughout the video, are given Hollywood-style "star billing."

Hillary Viders, Ph.D.
Diving Industry Expert

The children were mesmerized. The pacing was perfect preschoolers attention span: each scene was just the right length to help the children calm down and relax, neither to long, which would induce restlessness, nor too short, which would create MTV-style over stimulation.  I'm sure parents will be as mesmerized as their kids and will appreciate the opportunities for interaction between themselves and their children. Underwater Suite, like a beautiful well stocked aquarium, is an endlessly satisfying and wonderfully relaxing video.  And what a help when trying to calm down and prepare preschoolers for bed...a parent's dream.

Jeff Ramsay, Co-Director
The Village Preschool Center

"How do you engage a 6th grade Special Education them  "Underwater Suite". I couldn't believe how enthralled they were...if they could vote, it would  win an Oscar."

Gail Jansen,

"The magical nature of the undersea world is perfectly captured in this video. As a marine biologist, educator, avid scuba diver, and father of an active, curious three-year old, both my son and I were drawn to view "Underwater Suite" over and over and over."

James Prappas, Director of Biology,
Downtown Aquarium, Houston




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