A family video treasure, for kids as well as adults, Underwater Suite (30 minutes in length) explores the undersea world as it is -- in its natural state.  No gimmicks, video tricks!  Simply, the real magical world we all share.   
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"Underwater Suite transports viewers to the visual  magic, natural rhythms and diversity of the underwater world. The lush  photography and original musical score make this video entertaining, enriching as well as educational. I particularly enjoyed the final section, in which the fish that have been portrayed throughout the video, are given Hollywood-style "star billing."

Hillary Viders, Ph.D.
Diving Industry Expert

Not For kids Only Underwater Suite was filmed in the exotic waters of the Galapagos Islands, BVIs, USVIs, Cozumel, Mexico, Bonaire, the Netherland Antilles, the Florida Keys, and other locations.

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